Die KK dokumentiert die Veränderungen der alpinen Kryosphäre. Sie betreut die langfristig angelegten Schweizer Messnetze für Schnee, Gletscher, Permafrost und Firntemperaturen.mehr

Bild: NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonmehr

Re-thinking energy

To use and convert energy efficiently

This report of the Swiss Academy of Sciences is a call to all Swiss decision-makers in economy, public administration, politics, and science to encounter the challenges of global energy use and supply actively. The urgency to turn away from fossil energy carriers and the magnitude of the task have become enormous. The situation requires rapid action by all nations and rich nations like Switzerland are to assume leadership. This report is available in German and French. The Executive Summary is also available in English.

Executive Summary in English: Re-thinking energy


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