The task of the SCC is to observe the changes of the alpine cryosphere. Furthermore, supervises all long-term cryospheric monitoring networks of Switzerland.more

Image: NASA Earth Observatory, Jesse Allen and Robert Simmonmore


Blockgletscher Alp Flix
Image: M. Phillips, WSL/SLF; snc-iugg / Marcia Phillips, WSL / SLF

Measurements of permafrost in Switzerland are coordinated by PERMOS (Permafrost Monitoring Switzerland) whereas the coordination office is at the moment located at the University of Fribourg .

The PERMOS monitoring network is build up by: a) borehole locations where temperatures, geophysical and climatic parameters are collected and b) dynamic/kinematic locations where geomorphological observations are recorded (especially measurements of glacier movement, rock glaciers and observation of debris flow and rock fall).

Permafrost denotes subsurface material which measures temperatures of below 0°C during the whole course of the year. Permafrost can be found beneath an unfrozen layer which can measure several meters and varies in its temperature according to the change of seasons. It exists within rock as well as within peak regions and scree slopes. In polar regions permafrost can reach a thickness of over 1 kilometer whereas in our latitudes the thickness can reach from decameters up to several hundred meters. It is estimated that approximately 5% of Swiss territory is permafrost ground. This corresponds to approximately double the surface that is covered by glaciers.